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Earth Science

Science Grade 7

Name:_____________________ Date:_____________________

1 2
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    11         12       13  

3.People who study earthquakes and inter structures of the earth.
4.Watery Layer on the earth's surface.
8.This is where living organisms exist.
9.Mass of air surronding the earth.
10.Also called 'Middle Sphere'
11.Rocks that are affected by the environment and change.
14.Outer layer of the Earth.
1.Located below the Lithosphere.
2.Also called 'Rocky Sphere'
5.Also called 'Secondary Rocks'
6._______ crust more denser than Continental crust.
7.________ describes a particular object
11.Layer after the Crust.
12.______ core is the liquid part.
13.Crystalline solids which form directly from the cooling of magma.

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