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Benchmark 3

Coach Key

1       2
4         5 6 7
9               10        
  11 12                         13
15 16            
    19     20       21

1.One who wanders from place to place to find food and water
4.What has been the most reliable way to get across the Sahara over the centuries
9.A system of racial segregation used in South Africa
12.What is a consequence of cutting down trees for fuel in the Sahel
14.Hot, dry desert can be used to best describe whch region
17.Rich topsoil carried from one location to another by floodwaters
20.What religion did the Arabs bring with them to Africa
22.What was the name of Nelson Mandela's political party (3 words)
23.Using African people to help European officials administer a colony was known as what form of government
24.How does the African rainforest rank in the world in terms of size
2.He began to recommend that the apartheid laws be repealed (last name)
3.The ____________ is best described as grasslands making up half of the African continent
5.Which is a system of acquiring colonies to provide raw materials for a stronger country
6.What were two of the most important trade goods carried across the Sahara Desert by camel caravan
7.Some governments ignore industrial pollution of major rivers because they want industries to be...
8.A plant or animal becomes _____________ when no more of that type is alive in the world
10.Overuse of the land by the people is a major cause of this
11.Continued use of chemical fertilizer causes what to build up in soil
12.In the Sahel soil is of poor quality and dry conditions exist due to...
13.Which African country is losing its rainforest most rapidly today
15.Grasslands and forests that were once found in the Sahel were destroyed due to continuous farming and...
16.The line between the desert and cultivated areas (two words)
18.This movement attempted to get Africans to think of themselves as one people and to work together
19.Africa's largest rainforest is found in the ____________ river basin
21.This group is found mostly in Northern and Eastern Africa

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