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Scout camp


designed for Cub & Webelos Scouts to help them start thinking about Camp

1 2
  3   4
  5 6     7  
8       9 10 11              
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      18       19
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8.packs perform these at campfires
11.the adult with your pack
13.it will burn if you're not careful
14.the part of Camp where you make things
15.you need this to make a canoe move
17.it prevents sunburn (2 words)
18.you do this on Mount Puff
20.the gooey part of a s'more
23.the place you eat at camp (2 words)
24.where you sleep at Camp
25.what you aim your bb gun at
27.one of the Cub Scout colors
1.wise birds
2.the other Cub Scout color
3.the office for sick campers
4.you must have a totin chit for this
5.the rank of the youngest Scouts
6.a life jacket makes you do this
7.your partner at Camp or in the water
9.the Scout signal that means be quiet (2 words)
10.they are the bandits of Camp
12.the place Adventure Camp is held (2words)
13.it's raised every morning
16.Boy Scout motto (2 words)
19.sturdy hiking shoes
21.Cub Scout's are blue, Webelos & Boy Scouts are tan
22.what Adventure camp is
26.you need this with a bow

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