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Q Unit 3


1 2
4 5    
7       8                 9          
    10                   11      
13           14       15                
      17               18  
20     21         22        

3.agreement, esp. when agreement was reached after debate or consideration
7.complicated or highly refined or highly developed, usually has positive connotations
9.not important, tedious
10.the usual cost or payment
12.uncontrolled reaction to stimulus
13.plan of action
15.to participate in
17.to give a more extreme account of something than reality
20.to admire with fawning, overblown affection
22.hard work
23.becoming known or important or coming into existence
24.to guess at the measure of something or to calculate the hypothetical measure of something
1.a period of notable increase or rapid growth
2.in that order
4.to come from behind and try to achieve the same level of something more advanced
5.the likelihood of something
6.a person who gives his/her opinion in public fashion
8.reason or motivation to do something
11.to think of something in a particular way, often collocated with "as"
14.a brief view of something, often incomplete
16.something generally unclear or not clearly one thing or another
18.in great health or developing in an impressive way
19.connected, specifically in relation to computers or electricity
21.free time used for enjoyment

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