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microscope parts and cells

Dezujuan dobbs

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1.controls the amount of light passing through the opening stage
5.fills the region between the cell membrane and the nucleus
8.water-illed sac ,, stores water , food, and other materilas needed
9.holds the low-power and high-power objective lenses
10.magnifies about x10
13.animal cells- brake down large food into smaller ones
15.small grain-shaped orgnelles that produce protein
20.rod shaped strucrures nicknamed power houses
21.recieves proteins and other newly formed mateials from the ER, packages them and istributes them to other parts of the cell or outside the cell
22.control center
23.contaitns a lens that magnifies about x10
25.group of similar cels that work together to perform a specific job
26.suppts the microscope
27.made of many cells
28.seperates the eye peice lens from the obkjective lenses
2.magnifies about x40
3.a group of organs that work together to perform a major function
4.holds slides in place
6.moves the body tube to focus the image
7.controls which substances pass into and out of a cell
11.carry out specific jobs in the cell
12.maze looking passage ways
13.projects or replects light upward through the diaphragm
14.different kinds o tissue that functions together
16.made of one cell
17.supports the slide being used
18.captures energy from sun light and changes it to a form of plants of energy cell can use in making food.
19.rigid layer that surounds the cells of plants and some organisms
24.supports the body

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