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1 2
3                       4
  6                   7    
8   9                  
  12           13    

3.The _____ report confirmed the charges made in The Jungle.
5.Scandal highlighted need for reform in the _____ industry.
6.People who worked long hours for very little money.
9.The novel that started the scandal.
10.Upton Sinclair was a ______.
11.Type of government opposed by Upton Sinclair.
12.Chairman for the House Committe on Agriculture. (last name)
1.Did not prepare meat in sanitary conditions.
2.The President during the scandal. (last name)
4.Wrote the novel that started the scandal. (last name)
5.Was formed because of the scandal.
7.Invented artificial refrigeration. (last name)
8.Type of government favored by Upton Sinclair.
12.Department of Agriculture's chief chemist. (last name)
13.The _____ family suffered many hardships in The Jungle.

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