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Suffix -able pages 20-21

Advanced Class 02/12/2013

2 3 4  
  5 6                          
      10   11     12          
16                     17            

6.In emergencies, my stress and nerves are ___, but in traffic they aren't!
8.My family and friends are ___ and very important.
9.With a straight face, he lied through his teeth and was ___.
10.Her mood is ___, so be careful and don't step on her toes.
13.The leaking and damaged roof is ___ but will cost us a lot.
14.I took a ___ workload on vacation with me.
16.The bags under his eyes were ___ as if he had had a long night.
17.I am ___ of doing two things at one time.
18.When he won the lottery, he was in such shock that he was ___.
19.My dictionary was ___ after I spilled water on it.
20.We had a ___ dinner for our 25th wedding anniversary.
1.I use ___ cleaning wipes around my home.
2.Any form of I.D. is ___ as long as it is current.
3.9/11 is an ___ and tragic day in American history.
4.My decision to deny the job offer and wait for the other one was ___. I am still jobless.
5.We usually use our ___ income wisely, but we do splurge now and then.
7.Your eyebrows are ___, so don't get too close to the birthday candles.
11.The humanitarian work of the Red Cross is ___.
12.I remember when ___ pens were all the rage.
15.Your coupon is only ___ until next week.

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