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Local News page 194

Afternoon Class 02/12/2013

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1.The child was ___, so I saw an ___ Alert on the freeway.
7.A ___ is the synonym for a dumpsite.
8.The 2010 ___ ___ occurred in the Gulf of Mexico.
9.The burglary victim ___ ___ when she realized her money was stolen.
10.___ is a health hazard in paint and air ___.
14.___ is a major but cheap pollutant.
16.I ___ the environment with my car and plastic bottles.
19.He suffered from agonizing pain after the ___ collision.
20.I volunteered at a beach ___ last Sunday.
21.A used syringe is a ___.
22.I was stuck behind a car ___ on the 91.
2.The ___ ___ in this restaurant is 92 people.
3.High humidity in a bathroom could create ___.
4.The run down motel had a bed bug ___.
5.There was a ___-vehicle accident after the truck jackknifed.
6.The construction created a ___ on the 5.
11.You shouldn't dump trash into the ___ under the street.
12.The students were uncomfortable in the ___ classroom.
13.The U.S. dumps e-___ into China, Mexico and India.
15.There are ___ dumpings in forests and rivers.
17.Stray animals can carry ___.
18.___ is famous for human interest stories.

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