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So In Love.

Caroline Baldwin

For valentines day. I love you!

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2.A written agreement, such a treaty pact between groups, nations, or persons.
6.A genetic disorder that causes excessive bleeding. A lover of blood
8.Exellent manners or politness, like those you would expect of a royal court.
9.Meaning "apart heart", this is the lack of harmony or agreement between people or things.
1.A lover of books.
2.The "heart" or center of something.
3.The practice of "wooing"; trying to get another person to like you through actions.
4.The love of forigen people, cultures, or customs.
5.A love potion or magic drug to make one fall in love with one another.
7.To do something "again to heart", you put it in writing to learn later "by heart".

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