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3.To remove the outer part of the peel of citrus fruit
4.To heat milk to just below boiling for 1 minutes
6.To separate the liquid from the solids by pouring liquids through a sieve or strainer
9.A preserving solution of water, salt, salpeter used for meats, e.g. silverside
10.Indicates the use of cheese sauce with a dish
11.Vegetables grown in pods (usually used dried)
14.A basic white sauce made from stock as liquid
16.To make cold under running water
17.to reduce the temperature of an ingredient between 1-4°C by placing it in the refrigerator until cold
18.A mixture of 2 liquids that does not normally mix well
20.To cover meat with strips of fat or bacon
23.To soften fruit by steeping it in alcohol
26.Reheated cooked food (usually left overs)
27.To turn vigorously so that food is completely coated e.g. tossing a salad
31.To divide citrus fruit into their natural divisions
32.Degree of viscosity(thickness) of liquids or batters
33.A small pancake usually served in a sauce
1.To beat vigorously with a wooden spoon or whisk to fold air into a mixture
2.A guide to the quality of food
5.To sprinkle lightly and evenly with flour, sugar or icing sugar
7.To incorporate air into a mixture
8.To extract flavor from food by steeping in hot liquid
9.to spoon hot liquid or fat over food to prevent it from drying out too much
12.Spanish rice dish with seafood and chicken
13.Term for certain shallow fried foods, e.g. hake fish
15.Binding or thickening stews with egg yolk, starch or cream
17.Refers to a white wine sauce with mushrooms
19.adjusting seasoning, consistency and colour
20.Basic white stew made from poultry
21.A small mould used for desserts
22.French word for spinach
24.Type of grill that heats from above
25.To cover with a sauce
28.To cook just below boiling point
29.To combine ingredients by adding a beaten egg or a thick roux to hold the mixture together
30.Indicates that coffee has been used as flavouring

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