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Literary Terms

Mrs. Radican

Review for the short fiction test

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1.the problem or struggle in the story (Internal or External)
5.the feeling or atmosphere that a writer creates
8.something that happens because of another thing
10.the main point the author is trying to make
12.When something unexpected happens in the story; a twist at the end. (2 Words)
13.the way a conflict is resolved
14.The sequence of events in a story
15.what a paragraph is about summed up in one sentence (2 Words)
2.the development of a person/character in a story
3.Something that makes another thing happen
4.clues that the author gives to hint at upcoming events
6.The feeling a reader gets that makes them what to know what is going to happen next.
7.When and where a story takes place
9.referencing another well-known piece of work
11.An object that stands for something other than itself

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