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1       2           3
  5 6   7
9             10              
  11               12      
14 15        
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1.influenced and dominated by some special charm, art, or trait and with an irresistable appeal
4.marked by confidence in expressing one's self
8.the previaling tendency, aspect, mood, or inclination of one's spirits
9.a country estate
10.reduce the volume of by or as if by pressure
11.the faculty of understanding: capacity to know or apprehend
13.something that is taken for granted : a supposition
16.belong to the inmost constitution or essential nature of a thing
19.capable of being spoken
20.a person who takes the place of or acts fro another
2.made timid or fearful : frightened
3.a usually covered passageway; especially : one in which compartments or rooms open
5.bring all one' powers, faculties, or activities to bear
6.a difference : a variaiton : an inconsistency
7.attended with or marked by economic well-being
12.a test or trial
14.almost entirely : for all practical purposes
15.involved in a perplexing or troublesome situation from which escape is difficult
17.concerned with the correction of faulty study habits, the improvement of skills imperfectly lerned
18.assign a name to

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