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Unit 3 Review

4       5  
  8   9 10 11            
          14     15  
  16   17   18        
  19                   20      
21                     22
24                     25
27               28   29          
  30       31    
32         33              
    34   35  
36       37              
38 39 40           41          
42                   43                     44
  45                 46             47        
48           49            

2.The opposite of awake
4.Something that is forbidden
6.A place
10.A great risk of loss or injury
12.To detour the traffic
14.A poisonous substance
17.The opposite of sensible
19.Something that is plentiful
21.To make friends again
23.Another word for shelter
24.To tempt
27.To give up a plan
29.To invent
30.To use bright colors
32.An unquestionable statement is ___________?
37.To make small
40.The antonym of trusting
42.Having a cheerful attitude
43.A barrier will create an ________?
45.Something that is no longer in use
46.To rescue something from ruins.
47.The antonym of run
48.Synonym of speed
49.A neglected person may feel or look _______?
50.The opposite of plump
1.Hard to handle
3.To have an easygoing attitude
5.The opposite of conclusion
7.On the edge
8.A list of ancestors
9.To look at a child
11.Strongly expressive
13.Synonym of worth
15.The opposite of busy
16.A wise statement
18.To quickly write a message
22.Barely enough
25.The opposite of calmness
26.The antonym of similar
28.The opposite of important
31.A steady, low humming
33.To start a conversation
34.A huge rock may be described as _______?
35.Something that is unlikely
36.The antonym of praise
38.Litter will cause a mess of ________?
39.To refuse to buy a product
41.The antonym of avoid
44.A shade of color

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