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David White

1 2 3 4 5 6 7       8
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                  16 17
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39                                         40
41     42                             43        
44                       45        
47         48              

7.A stationary motor-driven or hand-powered machine used for hoisting or hauling,
9.The lever used to release or activate a mechanism
11.the maximum height an object being hurled or thrown reaches
13.the quality or state of being strong
15.pronounced (tray-boo-shay) is a first class lever which uses the energy of a falling counterweight to make useful mechanical energy. (counterweight moves arm, which in turn, flings sling and projectile)
18.The distance from one side of a circle or sphere to the other passing through the center of the circle or sphere.
19.anything put in or on something for conveyance or transportation
21.Location in space.
22.Moving or directed toward a center or axis
23.the longest extent of anything as measured from end to end
25.Old-fashioned; unenlightened
30.The point or support at which a lever pivots.
33.is energy of motion; the output force of a device
34.main support framework that holds up the lever arm, sling, and projectile
35.Mechanics. something that produces or tends to produce torsion or rotation; the
36.A statement of relation between two quantities
38.The path of an object or moving body through space
39.long arm which rotates around the axle (fulcrum) and has the sling attached to one end and the counterweight attached to the other.
41.Moving or directed away from a center or axis
43.the distance a trebuchet can hurl or throw an object
44.name for a trebuchet or other weapon strictly designed to lay siege on a castle or fortification. Another example: battering ram
45.to throw or project something forward.
46.A bow-shaped curve or a segment of a circle
47.Extent from side to side wideness
48.the state or quality of being dense
1.to rub togeather slow down/ generate heat
2.A fired, thrown, or otherwise propelled object, such as a bullet, having no capacity for self-propulsion
3.the ability to receive or contain
4.: A shape, formed by two lines or rays diverging from a common point (the vertex).
5.the exertion of force upon a surface by an object, fluid, etc
6.the capacity for vigorous activity
7.the amount or quantity of heaviness or mass;
8.Used to hold the sling during the throw movement of the trebuchet
10.The force that pulls all objects toward the center of Earth.
12.a weapon used to throw rocks and stones
14.distance upward from a given level to a fixed point
16.Holds the projectile during the throw movement, is designed to give extra power to the throw
17.The amount of matter in an object
20.A weight used as a counterbalance
22.Not a word
24.the resistance that still air offers to movement esp. of a vehicle
26.an ancient military engine for throwing stones or other missiles
27.A machine with few or no moving parts. Simple machines make work easier.
28.The measure of length between two points
29.is energy of position; stored energy; energy which becomes kinetic energy; the input force of a device.
31.transfers the energy from the counterweight into the sling
32.a straight line extending from the center of a circle or sphere to the circumference or surface
37.are the two main supports for the trebuchet’s axle (fulcrum), throwing arm, and counterweight.
40.To determine the amount of length, volume, or mass
42.The patterns or directions associated with a set of data.

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