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The French Revolution

IES "Manuel Reina"

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2.Legal right guaranteed to each citizen, such as the freedom to express ideas
4.Design made by making marks with acid on a metal plate
5.State without a monarch, in which the power is held by the people
9.Related to or based on Ancient Greek or Roman myths or traditional stories
10.Sudden start of a war, a revolution or disease
11.It is pronounced like gorilla: /ɡəˈrɪlə/
14.Crime of acting against your own country
15.Attempt to take the control of a country by force
18.Marriage performed by a government official
22.Social and political order which replaced the Ancien Régime
23.It is pronounced /ˌbʊəʒwɑːˈziː/
24.Radical French political group who wanted to abolish the monarchy and expand the suffrage /ˈsʌfrɪdʒ/
26.Design formed by cutting on a block
27.Without money and unable to pay debts
28.Preliminary design for a tapestry
1.Win a victory over an oponent or enemy
3.Property which passes to another person when the owner dies
6.Drawing or painting of a person
7.Artist who painted for the royal family
8.In 1789, the French Revolution marked the beginning of this
12.Government in which one person holds absolute power
13./əˈtʃiːvmənt/ Objective which is carried out
16.Cloth, stuff, material
17.Stop, come to an end
19.Group of people chosen to make laws or decisions
20.Alliance of countries or people
21.Spreading of ideas or information to influence people's opinions
25.Agrree to do something by writing one's name

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