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IES "Manuel Reina"

3             4            
  5 6  
  7         8        
12 13                              
  14   15                  
16                   17   18   19          
  22     23            
24 25                        

3.Isabel II's government sold the church's and the nobility's properties in public __
4.The French Revolution led to the stablishment of universal __ suffrage
7.Nationalism ___ the right of people who defined themselves as nations
10.Amadeo of Savoy had to ___ because both republicans and Carlists rejected him
13.They inhabited America before the arrival of Europeans
15.19th century revival of Gothic style
16.During the 19th century, the population of the United States increased due to the arrival of many ___
18.In December 1874, there was a military __, which brought the restoration of the monarchy
20.Great Britain offered economic support to revolutionaries in order to break Spain's ___ over its colonies
23.The nothern states were against ____, which still existed in the southern stateseday
25.The ___ was a return to the political system of the Ancien Régime
26.When Isabel II was a child, two __ governed in her place
27.Sculptors reflected people's desire for __ and independence
1.Prime minister
2.Style of architecture which mixed Islamic and Gothic influences
5.They got their indepence and became ___ states
6.Shioux, Cheyenne and Apache tribes were isolated on __
8.Prussia ___ the Rhineland
9.This cultural movement promoted individual experience and emotion
11.They were conflicts between the supporters of Isabel II and her uncle who didn't recognise his niece as the legitimate heir
12.Rightful or lawful
14.An antonym for succeed
17.The United States expanded its __ to include new territories in the West
19.The ___ and revolutions in the 19th century led to political and social changes
21.Money you are obliged to pay to another person or institution
22.The European monarchs who had been ___ by Napoleon returned to power

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