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Please look for words throughout the Quality Newsletters, Corporate Quality Site, Manuals and recent Awareness.

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5.By purchasing components from industry leaders, Digi-Key ensures we are selling best components available to the industry
7.Audits- performed by a third party
8.Audits- performed by a specially trained team of Digi-Key employees
13.Standard Operating Procedure- how to operate and control the business or deptartment
14.Business Management System- Our Commitment to Quality and adds heirarchy to documentation system
16.Specific Measurable Achieveable Realistic Timely quality improvements
17.International Organization for Standardization- Digi-key obtained certification from International Organization for Standardization on March 17, 1994. Digieky was the very first electronics distributor to become 100% certified.
18.Providing quality product and superior service for our customers
19.Surroundings in which an organization operates, including air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna, humans, and their interrelation
20.Documents in the Manuals/Guides on Inside Digi-Key
1.Work Instruction- detailed steps how to complete tasks from start to finish
2.Important component of Digi-Key's efforts to provide exceptional quality
3.Each member of the Digi-Key team has an important role in our goal of consistently meeting or exceeding our customers' expections
4.Providing 24- hour/7 days a week sales and Customer Service Support
6.External document, non editable
9.When waste is eventually discarded, segregating items for recycling from other waste is important. Recyclables include glass, newspaper, aluminum, cardboard and a surprising array of other materials
10.The purpose of the audits is to determine if the agreed upon procedures have been communicated and properly implemented
11.Refers to reducing or eliminating, and recycling, hazardous waste
12.The careful utilization of a natural resource
15.All Employees go through at the start of emloyement with Digi-Key

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