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Jessamine Edwards

Daria Williams

How Well Do You Know The Real Jessamine?

1 2
3             4          
  7       8
9       10   11       12        
        14 15    
  16           17   18              
19         20         21 22      
26 27                
  29           30      
32     33        
35 36   37           38
  39         40
41           42   43        

3.I Am Very Laid Back, I Am A _______ Person
4.I Love ______ Soda. Lemon And Lime?! WOAH!
5.My Friends Say I Look Good With ____, Should I Wear Snapbacks Or Beanies?
6.I Absolutely Hate ______ Print, I Think It's So Ugly!
11.I Speak Spanish And English, I Am
13.My Mom Never Trusted Me With "Big-Kid" ________, I Always Had "Baby" Scissors!
16.I Have Drank Before, And Got A Little _____
18._______ Was The Best Grade Yet!
19.When I Was Younger I Wanted To Be A _______ Or Woman. I Love The Danger Of Putting A Fire Out!
22.I Can't Go 2 Seconds Without Chewing
23.My Hair Is Brown, I Am A
25.I Am Very ________ If I Get Good Grades
26.I Work At The Local _______ Grocery Store
29._____ ____Are My Favorite Design Patterns!
31.I Have 2 Cute Little _______ And They Bark All Day!
33.I Dream To Go To _____, I Heard They Have Great Technology And Sushi!
34.I Love _______! I Wear Bracelets, Earrings, And Necklaces Everyday!
37.I Have _______ Vision, No Need For Glasses Here!
41.____ - Free Since '93. Just Kidding, But I Am Clean!
43.My Favorite Food Is _____, Yum! Greens!
44.My Last Name Is The Same Name As A Character In (Without The S)
45.I Like To Read Sometimes, _____ Can Be Interesting
46.I Drink ______, But I Know It's Bad For Me Still
47.____ Or Pencils? I Prefer ____
1.I Wish I Had Straight Hair, But I Have Ugly ____ Hair!
2.I Listen To _______, Not CD's
3._____ Are The Best Flowers, In My Opinion! `
4.I Love _______ Music! It Sounds So Foreign, HOLA!
5.I Want To Start Wearing _____, But Sneakers Seem SO Much More Comfortable!
7._______ The Second Best Thing Next To Music. I Love Clothes!
8.I Still Have My Baby _______ From My Childhood! IT'S SO FLUFFY!
9._______ 14, 1999 The First Month Is Always The Best!
10.Although I Hate It, I Still Do My ________ To Get Good Grades
12.My Favorite Color Is ____ _____ Like The Highliter
14.My _________ Are Very Important To Me! Good Grades Are The Best!
15.Black, White And ___ Are The Colors Of My Room
17.I Absolutely Love _______, Best Subject EVER! All Those Equations!
20.____, I Hope I Don't Get A High School Break Out On My Face! I Never Really Had ____ Before.
21.I Dabble In ___________ As A Hobby, I Love Taking Pictures
24._____ Is My Life <3
27.I Am Not A Modern Person, I Like _____ Things
28.My Family And I Are Ecuadorian, I Am A
30.Describe Me In One Word
32.I Want To Be An OB/GYN When I Get Older. The _______ Field Is Amazing!
35.I Am So Immature, I Love Being A
36.My Favorite Headphones Are
38.I Once Had A Small Crush On My Biology
39.I Have A Sense Of
40.I Love Cats, Although I Have Dogs, ____ Are Cute Too. But They Meow Too Much. All That Purring?!
42.I Am Very Organized SOMETIMES! My Mom always Wants Me To Be _____

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