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Husing Problems and Repairs pages 48-49

Conversation Class 02/20/2013

1 2 3 4
5         6 7        
10   11 12  
15             16        

5.We have ___ pane windows to keep out the noise and weather.
7.The gas ___ is under the fuse box.
9.I called an ___ to kill the termites in the attic.
13.He used ___ to kill the ants in the kitchen.
14.Call an ___ because these breakers are broken.
15.The roofer is replacing a few ___.
17.You should call a ___ to fix your fozen pipes.
18.The ___ heater isn't working, so the shower is cold!
19.My neighbors will ___ their house with a tent.
1.Our ___ box is outside.
2.Get the ___ to unclog this toilet!
3.___ are mice and rats.
4.The rook has been ___ since the storm.
6.___ are disgusting brown insects.
8.The bathtub faucet is slowly ___.
10.There are five ___ outside this classroom.
11.The sink is ___ onto the floor!
12.There was a ___ ___ for two hours, so we used flashlights.
13.The toilet is ___ ___ with paper.
16.I bought a ___ at Home Depot for the toilet.

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