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Similarity- Teacher's Choice

Jacy Bentley

1 2           3 4 5
  6 7             8  
    9             10       11    
13                             14

2.Ratio of the oppose leg to the adjacent leg.
6.A constant multiplied by a vector.
9.Positive square root of two number's product. (2 Words)
13.Moves all points of a figure the same distance in the same direction.
16.Ratio of the opposite leg to the hypotenuse.
18.Group of three whole numbers that satisfies the equation a^2+b^2=c^2. (2 Words)
19.Angle between the line of sight and the horizontal when an observer looks downward. (3 Words)
20.Transformation made up of successive transformations.
1.Flip of the figure over a point, line, or plane.
3.A ratio of the lengths of sides of a right triangle. (2 Words)
4.Turns every point of a pre-image through a specified angle and direction about a fixed point, or center of rotation.
5.A directed segment representing a quantity that has both magnitude, or length, and direction.
7.Ratio of the adjacent leg to the hypotenuse.
8.An exact matching of form and arrangement of parts on opposite sides of a boundary, such as a plane or line, or around a central point or axis.
10.A mapping for which the original figure and it's image are congruent.
11.Angle between the line of sight and the horizontal when an observer looks upward. (3 Words)
12.Perpendicular segment from one side of a triangle to a vertex.
14.Pattern that covers a plane by transforming the same figure or set of figures so that there are no overlapping or empty spaces.
15.The measure of the angle that a vector forms with the positive x-axis or any other horizontal line.
17.A closed figure formed by a finite number of sides.

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