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Vocab Preview Almost Perfect 2-20 and 2-21

Mr. J

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1.Any play or dramatic performance generally intended to be humorous or to amuse by causing laughter.
3.When a character is on stage with others character and says something that the other characters can’t but the audience can.
5.The specific mode of fiction represented in performance
7.The character that is in many ways the opposite of the main character but not necessarily the enemy of the main character.
8.When only one character is on stage they are speaking and saying something that is particularly important.
9.Scene is a unit of drama, the action that takes place in a single setting
2.When two or more characters are on stage but only one is speaking for a significant amount of time and saying something that is particularly important.
4.A conversation between two or more characters on stage.
6.Is a form of drama performance based on human suffering that makes the audience watch and go thorough the suffering of the main character and feel better about everything by the end of the piece.

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