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America: The Problem Child

Allison Augir

1 2     3  
    4 5      
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19                   20     21    

2.Something offered to influence another persons judgement unduly
6.a government where each member surrenders some of its power to a centeral authority
7.Person/institute that owed a sum of money
9.an overthrow and replacement of an established government
11.when the value of what the country imports is more than the value of what it exports
13.to take away the right to own
14.Difficulty in a job or understanding that is stimulating to one engaged in it
17.interchange of merchandise on a large scale between nations of individuals
19.supreme ruler
20.organization/person that lends people money
22.regain possession
23.a payment from the state/local authorities for some right or privilege
1.when someone owes money to the bank
3.when you have spent equal to or less than your budget
4.something of high quality you get from trade
5.the total sum of money set aside for a purpose
8.tax paid on a particular class of imports/exports
10.something lent or furnished on condition of it being returned
11.contribution to state revenue levied by government workers income and business profets
12.the amount by which a sum of money falls short of the required amount
15.to complicate
16.something that remains above what is used/needed
18.something of high quality
21.owing money to someone

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