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All about Rocks & Minerals

Hilda Ramos

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2.the atom of a mineral are arranged in a repeating to form a solid __________.
4.one way to identify a minerl is to rub it against a piece of unglazed tile to observe it's ________________.
6.to use something many times.
8.Chromium and nickel are added to ________ to make steel that is resistant to rust.
9.You can roughly compare the _________ of 2 minerals samples of the same size by hefting them.
11.The spliting of a mineral along a flat surface.
13.A mineral most always be ___________ because it has a definite volume and shape.
14.talcum powder is made fromthe very soft mineral ____________.
16.Rocks that contain auseful mineral that can be mined and sold at a profitare called ____________.
17.the use of earthmoving equipment to diig a huge pit is called ____________ mining.
19.lava at earth's srface or ________ bbelow Earth's surface cools and hardens to form mineral crystals.
1.Shiny minerals, such asgalena ,are said to have metallic _________.
2.Most minerals are chemical ___________________ in which 2 or more elements are combined.
3.the usefulness of minerals called ________ is that they can be streched, hammered, or molded without breaking.
5.a gemstone that is cut and polished is a _________.
7.the process by which atoms are arranged to form a material with a cystal shape Called ___________________.
10.Minerals remove ore deposits that occurs in veins by digging _____________ mines.
12.Gold is an example of a ___________ that eccurs in naturrre in a pure form.
15.they all have naturally occurring , solid, crystal structure, definite chemical compositionn and inorganic..
18.the most common source of quartz used inmaking glass is _________.

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