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Grade 8 - Reading 2 Vocabulary

Unit 1 - How does the Natural World Affect Us?

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1.all the members of one species in the same area
4.all the populations living together in one place
9.top layer of earth's dirt
10.consumers that only eat meat
14.consumers that only eat plants
15.organisms that consume other organisms for energy
17.to put something under dirt
18.minerals and other nourishing materials
20.consumers that eat dead organisms
23.small body of water
24.babies, descendants
27.hydrogen oxide - what we breathe
28.to put into groups
29.very small organisms that live in soil, air, water and on other organisms
31.work together, act upon each other
2.process of turning sunlight into energy for food
3.consumers that eat both plants and animals
5.a living thing
6.consumers that break down nutrients
8.drinkable water without salt
11.a group of similar organisms
12.organisms that use energy from the sun to make their own food
13.the movement of food through a community (no space)
16.continue to live
19.to create/have offspring
22.organisms (living and nonliving) and their environment
25.a plantlike organism that grows in dark, warm, wet places
26.the place where an organism lives
30.small plantlike organisms in the ocean

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