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Vocabulary 9.02

Priscilla Clark

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7.The systematic gathering, recording, and analyzing of data about a specific issue, situation, or concern, and the use of that data to create and implement plans to reach new target audiences.
8.An organization’s portion of the total industry sales in a specific market.
9.Accustomed to making choices.
10.The basic issue that managers are facing; the reason they believe marketing research is necessary
1.Records of salespeople’s meetings or contacts with customers
2.Software applications using database technology that enables a business to manage its information about customers, products, employees, and finances.
3.The master plan for conducting marketing research; lays out the types of data needed, how much data to collect, what collection methods to use, and how data will be analyzed
4.Causal research; marketing research that focuses on cause and effect and test “what if” theories
5.The systematic gathering, recording, and analyzing of data about a specific issue, situation, or concern that affects a market. Involves the marketing function that links the consumer, customer, & public to the marketer through information.
6.The edge achieved by businesses that offer something better than their competitors.
7.A breakdown of market share data that allows a company to measure its sales performance against those of its competitors

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