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1 2
4 5   6    
8   9  
10                   11  
14               15               16  
17   18         19       20      
21                 22          

3.The Pope’s home is ___________ City, an independent nation in Italy.
4.The maximum number of votes a day
7.Head of a diocese
10.The last time a pope resigned was ____ years ago.
12.Benedict XVI is the _____pope.
14.The current pope was born in ______________.
15.To be chosen as pope a person needs _____vote
18.If no one gets the required number of votes, what color smoke comes out of the chimney?
19.Popes are elected for ____ unless they voluntarily resign from office.
20.Bishop of Rome
21.The College of _________________elects the Pope.
22.The word Pope is actually an English translation of the Italian il Papa, meaning
23.The number of Americans who will be in the conclave to elect the pope
1.Cardinals under the age of ____ are eligible to vote for the next pope.
2.The number of electors of the pope this year
5.When the required number of votes is achieved, what color smoke indicates that a Pope has been elected?
6.Requirements to become a pope are Catholic, male and _______
8.No sooner than _____ days after the death or resignation of a Pope all cardinals are summoned to Rome.
9.The leader of the archdiocese of Dubuque
11.Where the voting takes place
13.When a pope dies or resigns what happens to his gold ring?
16.The first pope was _______.
17.The private meeting of all the cardinals with the sole purpose of electing the pope is called a ________.

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