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Scots Wha Hae

David Jenkins

A general knowledge quiz about Scotland, not made too easy I hope!

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1.Why does it always rain on them? (band)
3.Collective name for Glasgow Association Football
5.Largest Loch in Scotland
10.The Gaelic name for William Wallace
12."Animal" on the Scottish coat of Arms
17.He might not quite be spotting trains, but he is famous for a film named this way
20.The estate where the Cartland Bridge hotel was built
21.Where the momument to Wallace is
22.A bar in Lanark named after the historical figure
23.famous actress with a surname which means Scotland in Gaelic
24.This flower looks nice but can hurt! (Latin)
2.Popular soft drink in Scotland
4.A yearly celebration in the town of Lanark
6.500 is a lot of these to walk
7.Where Robert Burns was born
8.The Hogwarts express travels across this viaduct
9.The supposed wife of Wallace
11.Robert Burns had this many siblings
13.Oldest building in Britain
14.Popular alcoholic drink in Scotland, particularly amongst youths
15.The drink that makes the nail rusty
16.Name of a historical gas lighting device situated at the bottom of Lanark High Street
18.Castle depicted on a £20 RBS bank note
19.Most recent mammal to be declared extinct in Scotland

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