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1 2       3
  4 5   6        
7                             8
  10                   11
16               17     18      

1.He became president of Andrew Carnegie's company in 1889: Henry Clay __
5.This town was built on 4,000 acres in Illinois outside of Chicago
7.An Irish group that caused terrorin the Pennsylvania coalfields
9.a Marxist newspaper: The __
10.In 1903, Pennsylvania raised the legal working age to this
12."Big Bill" Haywood was the leader of the __ __
13.Founded by Uriah S. Stephens
15.Caused Congress to decide on prohibition of Chinese immigration for 10 years
16.The only industrial nation that did not have workmen's compensation
19.One out of every six were working full time by 1880
20.A pioneer of the labor movement: Mother __
2.The Great ___ Strike of 1877
3.Had an influence on the enactment of an 8 hour work day for Federal employees
4.They marched from Pennsylvania to the New York home of this President
6."Human activity that provides the goods or services in economy"
8.In 1912 this political party was becoming more popular
11.First company that sold goods through a mail order catalog
14.The Supreme Court upheld the decree of this case in 1895
17.Samuel Gompers served as president of this until 1924
18.__ & Roebuck

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