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English II - Final Study Guide - Winter 2013

Mrs. Semaan

ethos, logos, visual analysis, contextual analysis, pathos, proposal arguments, rhetoric, annotated bibliography, precis, tone, analysis, rhetorical analysis, textual analysis, argument, logic, rebuttal, debate, warrant, schema, logical fallacies

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1.Advocate a specific change or course of action
5.Reconstructs the cultural environment, or context, that existed when a particular rhetorical event took place
9.Summary or abstract
10.Reason, judgment, sense, and common sense
12.Appeals to trustworthiness, credibility, and ethics of the speaker
13.A general principal or assumption that establishes a connection between the support and the claim
15.Faulty reasoning that reflects a failure to provide sufficient evidence for a claim that is being made
16.The tools of anaylsis have been applied to understanding how other human creations make meaing, including art, buildings, photos, advertisements, any kind of symbolic communications
17.Appeals to emotions and values
18.The attitude the writer or speaker takes toward the audience, the subject, a character, or the reader
19.Involves dividing a whole into parts that can be studied both as individual entities and as part of the whole
2."The art of finding in any given case the available means of persuasion"
3.A list of references in a scholarly work with added notes to summarize each reference
4.Dividing a whole into parts to understand how a particular act of writing or speaking infuenced people at a particular time
6.A line of reasoning, claim, or contention
7.A layout or plan of your life. It's wha you know based on everything that happens to you or that you're taught
8.Focuses on the features of the text-the words and evidence in a speech, the images, and patterns in a picture, and so on
10.Appeals to reason and logic
11.You can challenge the criteria a writer uses to make a definition, or you can challenge the evidence that supports the claim
14.To contest, question, argue, consider, or mediate

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