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Inside Your Home

Conversation Class

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1.My family is very big, so we bought a ___ house.
6.The laundry room is in the ___.
9.I want more ___, so I'm going to move to the suburbs.
10.In this movie theater, the ___ occupancy can't ___ 200 people.
11.It took three months to ___ our kitchen!
12.Our classroom curtain is ___, not real wood.
14.I ordered ___ cabinets for the kitchen.
16.The subway was ___ with many people.
17.I need to ___ my new house with sofas, tables and chairs.
19.I ___ boxes in the attic.
20.Mini- and ___ blinds are popular in California.
21.The showerhead on page 108 is a ___ fixture.
2.The workers removed the ___ from the air ___.
3.City is the synonym for ___.
4.I would like to renovate the bathroom and change the ___ to tiles.
5.My apartment is ___ because it's next to the freeway and stores.
6.The ___'s bedroom is ___ and nice.
7.This classroom has ___ windows and lights.
8.In restrooms, the handicapped ___ is ___-wide.
13.I'd like to change my ___ ceilings.
15.___-___ are on this classroom's windows.
18.Handicapped is the synonym for ___ needs.

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