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my vocabulary

Jana Merida

sift,crossly,proud,pallet,riddance,godmother,gilded, elegant,chaperone,commotion,orphan,peasant.

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3.a child whose parents are dead.
5.a narrow hard bed or matters.
6.cover in a thin layer of gold.
8.noisy activity.
9.made by good test it stylish and graceful.
11.of or relating to a poor farmer or farmer's work.
1.to accompany a young unmarried when in public.
2.thinking too highly of one self.
4.a women or girl acts as rand or guardian of a child in the event the child parents are unable to leah was asked to be the baby 's god mother.
7.a removed of something.
8.in a grumpy or unhappy way.
10.a lose feting dress.

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