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  22   23                 24

2.Who sent troops into Chicago in 1894 to the center of the Pullman strike?
5.The strike two years after the Homestead steel strike?
8.craft unions joined together to form the ?
10.who was blamed for the 1870's depression on the west coast?
11.Uriah S. Stephens founded what?
14.A growing number of wage laborers after the civil war were?
16.used violence to fight for their working rights
18.the knights helped establish a work day how long?
20.encouraged the importation of laborers by allowing employees to pay for their passage to america?
21.What president refused mother Jones march?
23.Founded First International
26.violent incident that stalled emerging industrial movement _____ Steel Strike?
27.what was the result of the strikes?
28.what did the IWW become called
29.What case did the supreme court uphold the decree of?
1.the knights of labor allowed what type of workers to join?
3.organized the social democratic party from remnants of american railway union?
4.organization that united workers and fought for their rights?
6.What was Gompers a leader of?
7.what kind of workers did the AFL have its best success with?
9.belief that government is a tool of the rich to oppress the poor
12.violent clash between police and strikers that resulted in 2 deaths?
13.Who became president of the homestead works union in 1889?
15.who led the effort to revive industrial unionism?
16.one of the most colorful and beloved women laborer agitators in the end of the 19th century?
17.what city was the seedbed of labor radicalism?
19.what war destroyed the IWW?
22.craft unions compromised what type of workers?
24.Strain of socialism imported mainly by German immigrants?
25.who called for ending Chinese immigration?

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