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Barack Obama

1 2
3           4  
    7   8              
10           11                      

3.Another one of Obama's first jobs out of college, Civil Rights ________
7.One of Obama's first jobs oit of college, first as a lecturer then as this
9.Obama's campaign for the 2012 election
10.Repealed this act allowing gay men to openly serve in th armed forces
12.This comitee awarded Obama the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize
13.Obama's birth year
1.Obama's campaign for the 2008 election
2.Obama's teenage dream
4.Where he and his family moved in Indonesia
5.Obama's nickname in High school
6.Obama is the first president to participate in this
8.Obama studied at this college in Los Angeles after high school
11.Before he was the President Obama was the State _______ of Illinois

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