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Volume II test ! Batch II

Madhavi Abhyankar

1 2
  9   10     11      
12                 13      

3._____ is a movable barrier that closes the access to the space made of glass,wood etc.
5.The lowest underlying part of a building that anchors the building to the ground and transfers the load is _________
10._ is outer wall of a building exposed to weather.
12.A narrow platform projecting out from the facade of a building is called____
13.A continuous vertical surface of masonry to enclose or subdivide the space is called ___________
14.The part of structure rises above its foundation is ___________
1.______ is a aperture in the wall of a building to allow light and ventilation inside.
2.________ is a open court in the center of a building which surrounds it.
4._________ is a material with decorative covering the walkable surface of a given space
6.A structure consisting of two lines of columns supporting an open light beam roof to support climbing plants is_________
7.Low story projecting out into the double height floor is called____.
8.The lowest space below ground level is called________ floor
9.________ is semi enclosed structure to shelter the building entrance.
11.A highest enclosed floor of a building immediately under the roof is ______

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