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green procedures and treatments

frankie ware

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1.measure the pH and pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide in arterial blood--shows if adequate exchange of gases is occurring
5.or radioactive elements, are often used in the diagnosis of the liver
8.amount of air exhaled after a normal inspiration
11.red blood cells hemoglobin and hematocrit are used to assess possilbe ____________as result of GI bleeding
12.x-ray of the gallbladder taken after oral ingestion of iodine
13.radiography of the gallbladder after patient takes oral tables containing a contrast material 12 hours prior to the procedure
14.nuclear scan of the lungs to detect abnomalities of perfusion (blood flow) or ventilation (respiration).
16.opening into the colon through the intestine wall to provide a way to excrete stool via the abdomen
17.test that are preformed with a spirometer that measures the amount of air a patient can move in and out of the lungs
20.series can reveal abnormal constrictions, masses, and obstruction in the esophagus, stomach and duodenum
22.endoscopic procedure in which a lighted scope is inserted into the trachea and bronchi for direct visualization-requires pt consent
24.instrument used to examine the stomach
25.ultrasound imaging
26.instrument used to examine the rectum and anus
2.provides an outline of the colon also called a lower GI study
4.Fiberoptic technology enables MD to pass soft flexible tubes down the esophagus into the stomach and small intestin or up into the colon for a direct view of these organs
6.occult blood test is used to test this type of specimen
7.instrument used to examine the stomach
8.incision into the treachea which is also know as the windpipe
9.amount of air exhaled after a maximal inspiration
10.use of high frequency sound waves to diagnose disorders of internal structures
15.repair of a hernia
18.special type of radiographic equipment used to view movement of chalky liquid barium as it fills the esophagus or colon
19.one part of the chest exam-- which also includes palpation, percussion and auscultation
21.x-ray imaging
23.nonionizing image of the lung to visualize lung lesions
27.measure of the fastest flow of exhaled air after a maximal inspiraton

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