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Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle $10

By: Evelyne Copeland

1           2
4         5         6  
7         8   9    
  10           11      

1.You have to be careful not to _________ your resources otherwise you will have nothing.
4.The child ________ to his new resources.
5.My thirsty throat was quench after having a drink of water.
7.Jumping off a cliff is very ____________.
10.The U.P.S. __________ my stuff to my new house.
12.There are a lot of _____ people world.
13.The teacher gave the student a ________ after being rude.
14.Stars are very ________, they are seen everywhere.
2.Try to be ___________ so nothing goes to waste.
3.I was __________ after all the test I took today.
6.The plant's ______ was in the meadow.
8.Horses are _____________ by cars now.
9.My dad _________ the top of the streak.
11.I was __________ that my book mark was ruined.
13.I watched the horses _______.

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