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Ryan Murphy

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1.a goal that a piece of writing intends to accomplish
3.A persuasive appeal to logic, reason, or good judgment
7.any material that serves to prove a claim
11.to use the power of language to inform and influence others
1.A persuasive appeal to emotions
2.A question asked for an effect, not actually requiring an answer
4.A persuasive appeal to character - one's sense of right & wrong or ethics.
5.These are broad statements about people on the basis of their gender, ethnicity, race, or political, social, professional, or religious group
6.any form of communication that is so distorted that it conveys false or misleading information
8.appeal that suggests that a person should believe or do something because "everyone else" does
9.the approach used to convince readers of a position. Writers may use logical, ethical or emotional appeals
10.the writer's position on an issue or problem

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