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Countries of the world

Woodlands Newmedia

Let us see if you have traveled extensively or know more about other countries

2             3    
4             5
9     10   11                
    12   13        
14   15  
16           17       18  

2.Viking fishing village in 10th Century now a thriving city
4.Country that measures happiness
6.Is it new or old city of India?
7.If you know Gadaffi
9.Rallies in desert
11.Chobe National Park is in which Country?
12.When you hear Bull dog, you think of?
16.Famous for Angora goats
17.Ipanema is in which country?
19.A country in Sahara region in the news recently
20.Gateway to hell in earth
1.Beaches, music and cricket!
3.A place of many trees
5.If you are in Bentota, which country are you in
8.Being an Hindu in Indonesia
10.City named after ant hills
13.The ICE trains run in which country
14.Pink City
15.Kaya man is from which country?
18.Land of the Aryans

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