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1.Going to China requires ___.
2.Many old people ____ in the afternoon.
3.When you are 16, you can start ____.
8.Lao-Shi is planning a trip to DC's ____.
9.keep on going ____ to get to the post office.
12.Water __ Milk?
14.When you are young, you learn how to ride a _____.
16.____ a car is more comfortable than taking the bus.
17.Riding the train
18.Riding the ____ is cheaper than driving to DC.
19.In the summer, do you like to go to the ____ to swim?
1.Riding the ___ is faster than biking.
4.Many people go to ___ in the morning.
5._____ a cab is very hard to do in Maryland.
6.Until you are 16, you have to ride the ___.
7.The Cabin John ________ has a lot of restaurants
10.Guys go here to rent suits for prom.
11.In New York, you call a ___.
13.You go to the ______ to mail letters.
15.In order to get to work, he has to ____ buses.

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