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Sports Day

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4 5   6  
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11 12 13  
  14         15  
16     17      

1.1 2 3 well done me! 1 2 well done y______!
2.Claire put h______ water bottle on the chair.
3.All the parents were s____ excited during the `tug of war.'
4.Each team had o______ volleyball in the tunnel ball race.
6.The students were smiling a____ they ran in the race.
7.Play hard and fair b_____ please don't argue.
9.We a_____ played fairly.
10.Many of the students s________ they had alot of fun at the sports day.
13.The sports day was great, I think w____ will have another one.
14.Many of the parents said t_______ enjoyed the sports day.
15.A____ the sports day there were 3 teams.
16.The students practiced in pairs f______ the 3 legged race.
17.The 3 teams h_______ made some beautiful banners.
2.Hussein helped h______ team win the `tug of war.'
5.Some of the students had n______ played tunnel ball before.
8.Yesterday the Manus School h______ a sports day.
11.The school sports day was held o____ the oval.
12.When Dean said go, h____ dropped his hands down.
13.For the 3 legged race, the students tied their ankles together w________ a piece of cotton rag.
15.There a_____ 11 members of a tunnel ball team.

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