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Following Jesus

Dave Jones

To help students learn English using John Chapter 6 verses 22-29

2         3  
5         6    
9                     10
  11         12    
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15         16                

2.Everlasting verse 27
5.Hebrew for teacher verse 25
7.This vehicle travels on rails
9.Travelling along a road in a car
11.To go verse 24
14.Small ship
15.Carrys goods via road to towns and cities
16.Same as followers verse 22
18.An aeroplane that rises vertically from the ground
1.Looking for verse 27
3.Travel through the sky
4.Paul went for a cruise on one of these
5.The car went down the _ _ _ _
6.Past tense of understand verse 26
8.They follow Jesus
9.Being transported on rails
10.Similar to desire verse 28
12.Having faith verse 29
13.Future tense of looking verse 24
17.Hatchback, estate, MPV, saloon or off road

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