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Global Positioning System

Daniel Donat

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1.Satellites frequently send _________ down to Earth that are received by receivers.
3.Country that maintains GPS satellites.
6.There is ______ ____________ between the time the signal was sent and the time the signal was received. This is used to calculate the distance between the receiver and the satellite.
8.Type of electromagnetic radiation that is used by GPS's.
9.The calculations made by the GPS determine the __________ and longitude in a 2 dimensional positioning.
10.The intercept of the three spheres of the satellites is the __________ of the receiver.
14.Credited inventor of the Global Positioning System.
15.Common use for a GPS.
16.If four or more satellites are in connection with the receiver, the __________ may be calculated.
19.Use of GPS that allows surveyors to maps locations accurately.
20.GPS's are used in search and ________ teams.
21.Orbiting spacecraft that send signals.
1.The radio waves travel as 3x10^8 m/s. This speed is known as the _______ ___ _______.
2.Year that the GPS became fully operational (in words).
4.The GPS clock is the second most _________ clock in the world, behind the atomic clock.
5.Future possibility for GPS where no driver is required in the vehicle.
7.The group that relies heavily on the GPS for guided missiles, troop tracking, reconnaissance and more uses.
11.The ________ of a GPS satellite is 12 hours.
12.Number of working satellites.
13.The calculations made by the GPS determine the ___________ and latitude in a 2 dimensional positioning.
17.Minimum number of satellites needed for a receiver to operate.
18.Acronym from Global Positioning System.

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