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The Physical Properties of Matter

David Job,Kyle and Kamren Stewart

Directions: Answer questions and list the answer in the open space depending on the category of the question (down or across).

Dark blacks spaces represent a space; two word answers.

1               2     3  
    9     10        

1.the point in which a liquid boils due to heat
4.the dead center of an atom surrounded by protons,neutrons, and electrons
7.a positively charged elementary particle that is fundamental constituent of all atom nuclei
8.the point in which liquid freezes due to extreme coldness
9.one of a class of substantsances included in the periodic table that cannot be seperated into simpler substances by chemical means
11.the smallest componet of an element containing a nucleus, proton,neutron, and electron
12.an elementary particle that is a constituent of matter, having a negative charge
2.properties of an element
3.an elementary particle having no charge, with a mass slightly larger than that of a proton
5.a table containing 118 elements consisting of metals,gases and more.
6.the point in which an object or element melts due to intense heat
10.the substance or substances of which any physical object consists or composed from

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