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The Dred Scott Case

Mr. Castillo

Spell numbers. Do not use spaces, punctuation or grammar marks.

1 2
3 4   5            
9                 10

4.The free state that Dred Scott traveled to
6.banning slavery in a ___ is the same as taking property
9.that which is due, procedures/rules government must follow when carrying out the law, a proper court hearing
11.this can't be taken away without the due process of law
1.The Missouri Compromise banned slavery north of the 36'30
2.Where Dred Scott was from, a slave state
3.This amendment says that we have a right to due process
5.A slave who sued for his freedom because he traveled to a free state
7.Because Scott is black, he does not have the right to ____ in court
8.This body of people has a responsibility to protect slaveholder's property
10.Supreme Court said Scott can never become an American___

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