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The Roaring 20s

Mr. G.

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2.People wanted to get rich quick by putting money in this.
6.Neighborhood in New York City that experience a renaissance of arts, music, literature, and business in the 1920s.
7.Restaurants that illegally sold alcohol to customers.
11.Famous baseball homerun hitter.
12.This increased because of Prohibition, expecially the organized type.
13.A disease that spreads quickly across many nations.
14.The name of Charles Lindbergh's plane.
16.Buying stock on credit.
17.Prohibition made the manufacturing and sale of this illegal.
1.Owning share of a company.
3.A time to forget about your problems and have a good time. (hint: spell out number)
4.Louis Armstrong played this instrument.
5.The movement of millions of African-Americans from rural areas in the South to cities in the North.
8.The name of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution
9.A style of music that began in New Orleans and blends African rhythms and European instruments.
10.Famous jazz composer of Harlem Renaissance.
15.To execute someone without a trial - usually by hanging and done by a mob.

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