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Malcolm X ( Ch. 17-19)

Paradoxical Prophecies

Use your Malcolm X book to help you solve the crossword.

1 2 3 4              
7 8         9
    12       13      

3.German for "revolution"[19]
5.How many people were in the Nigeria Peace Corp?[19]
6.Malcolm believed Allah was...
8.What city's soon to be mayor spoke to Malcolm as a journalist.[18]
11.What percent of the non-white human population rebelled?[19]
12.Translates to "Here I Come, O Lord!"[17]
14.What city was Malcolm going to, to participate in Pilgrimage?[17]
15.At the airport to Jedda, Malcolm faced problems with his __ [17]
1.What religion is Malcolm X?
2.What did Malcolm believe was endagered by spirit?[19]
4.Who did the Muslims mistake Malcolm X for?[17]
7.Prince ____ made Malcolm his guest of the state of Arabia.[18]
9.Arabic for "one who guides"[17]
10.The first time a party was thrown for a _____ since W.E.B. Du Bois came to Ghana.[18]
13.What country was Malcolm in on his 39th birthday?[18]

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