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chapter 2 vocab quiz

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1.the capacity to make good judgments involving a process of discernment about right and wrong as well as judgment
3.the political and economic system by which one country controls and exploits another, holding it in a subservient role
6.government ownership and administration of the production and distribution of goods
7.an official letter to the whole Church written by a pope
8.a long-standing Christian concept advocating that society should be organized so that, as much as possible, all people, either in groups or as individuals, are given the opportunities to reach their fulfillment more fully and easily
2.the body of official Church documents written by Church leaders in response to various social, political and economic issues
3.individual ownership and administration of the production and distribution
4.the event, fifty days after Easter, when the Holy Spirit appeared as fire and wind to Christ's Apostles
5.the community of the faithful who through holy baptism are nourished by and become the Body of Christ

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