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World War 2

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1.Use to transport troops and supplies
5.Plan that us decides to use to end ww2
6.A famous scientist who ran away from Germany and in the beginning of the holocaust, told FDR about the bomb.
8.Man who gains power in Germany in 1932
9.abbreviation of "Government Issue"
11.Reason why America begins to get involved in war
12.Women who worked in the war-production jobs were called...
13.President elected in 1936
14.The way US defeated Japan (strategies used to defeat)
15.a name used for the "Bad Guys" Ex: Germany, Italy, Japan
17.First country to start war with the US
18.The turning point of the war (battle)
20.President who takes over after FDR dies
2.A law that made all males register of the war
3.before entering war U.S. helps who
4.a name used for the "Good Guys" Ex: Britain and France
7.A home vegetable garden planted to add to the home food supply and replace produce sent to soldiers.
10.Dec 1941, where does japan attack first
16.June 6, 1944, the day of the invasion of Western Europe by Allied forces in World War II.
19.The number of atomic bombs that had to be use on japan

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