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Anthropological Terminology for the Ju/'Hoansi

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6.Individuals may demonstrate _____________ which means they believe that they are superior to other ethnic groups/individuals
8.The idea that all parts of society are interconnected and result in the success of the whole
10.Relatively peaceful society that is equally distributive in terms of power and food distribution is called what kind of society?
11.Important healing practice to their culture.
12.The Ju/’Hoansi reside on the boarder of Namibia and ________.
1.A type of hunting in which you use bow and poisonous arrows and involves travel is called __________ hunting.
2.The ability to produce offspring and support their kin group is called ______ _______ (two words, no space).
3.This exchange serves as a long term commitment between two existing kin groups.
4.A device that is used to carry combinations of fruits/nuts/berries back to camp.
5.Hunting large game can result in ___________ which is the sharing of meat amongst small bands.
6.Specifically in patrilineal parallel marriages, Ju/'hoansi prohibit what?
7.Obtaining food (berries, nuts etc.) in order to provide for your kin group is called _______.
9.The most noted and respect aspect of a hunter is their _________ ability.
12.Local kin groups who all serve a mutual purpose can also be called a _______.

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