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Important Language Arts Vocabulary

Mrs. Sternberg

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2.You need a ____________________ when you begin a sentence and when you write names.
4.This is when you fix spelling, punctuation, verb tenses, and capitalization mistakes.
5.A problem in a story
6.This is the most exciting part of a story.
8."Let's go to the park ______" said Sarah.
11.An action word
13.The story starts for finish. The problems are solved.
14.More advanced,
18.. ! ? " "
19.This is when a story becomes more exciting.
21.When characters talk.
22.This is when you put all of your ideas together.
23.Where and when a story takes place.
1.This is when you add more ideas, organize your writing, and make your writing more sophisticated.
3.The symbol that you use at the end of a sentence to show excitement.
6.People in a story
7.When you write a story that happened already, you should write your verbs in the _________ ___________.
9.Before you write, you should ____________________.
10.The ending of a story.
12.The symbol that you use to show that characters are talking.
15.This is when you make your final copy.
16.a synonym for "imagine." The reader can _____________ if they can SEE what you write about.
17.A tiny thing, but it is SO important because without it there is no place for the reader to stop and they run out of breath because they have to read and read and they can not stop.
20.All good stories have a _______________. Without a ____________, the story would be boring.

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